Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wonderfully warm weekend.

Hello there!!!!
Here we are.  Clouds over head, but it's beautiful!!!
Tony and I went back to Illinois State Park this weekend and enjoyed a really nice bike ride.  It was truly exhilarating, mainly because it was very, very windy and there was a constant threat of rain. We got there and took out the bikes and then headed towards the north branch of the park.  I have been there several times but have never gone towards the Marina, so we decided to ride there.  It was a great ride. We rode through forests and a small street.  That lead us towards the power plant where I thought we had reached a dead end, but it turned out to be the entrance to the other area of the park.  The air felt great. 

It's a real shame that a beautiful piece of land was taken over and used for a power plant, and now there is the risk of finding asbestos material wherever you walk.  I just love the rocks at the beach, but then you find the signs warning you not to pick up certain materials due to the risk of asbestos.  I have also read that the lake is still being used as a dump.  Why?!!!  This is a beach that is used by many families every summer, it's a camp ground that is used by locals and tourists.  It scares me to think "what" you are swimming in.

As we continued to ride, after my complaining and venting about the waste and destruction of our beautiful land, we came across a very peaceful and serene area.  It had little mounds and some sand dunes. 

We went up to explore, and it seems to be an area where people come to spend the day grilling and bird watching.  They have these really cool postings of bird types and what they look like in flight.  It was really cool.  I totally want to go back with my binoculars and spend some bird watching time.

We rode some more and finally got to the area of the marina.  Wasn't too impressed.  Just a bunch of empty boat docks and a huge building.  Not sure what was there.  Probably a nice tourist spot, but I prefer the outdoor area.  The sky put on the real show for me.  It got much windier and the clouds started to come faster and it began to drizzle.  That was our cue to skedaddle. 

We rode our little hearts off. Mostly because the wind was strong and we were riding against it.  No wonder we had a smooth ride there, the wind was helping us along, now....it was one heck of a workout.  IT WAS GREAT. On top of that we had to get back before sundown. I sure didn't need to get a ticket or have my car towed.  That was definitely an incentive to move those legs. Lol.

We made it back just in time to get a few pictures of the sunset and catch our breaths before heading out. Now.......to go get us a nice dinner.  We deserved it after that workout. Culver's here we come.

There is my little beautiful "Jelly Bean". I love that van. :-)
The "Jelly Bean". <3

We stopped at the Culver's for a super delicious burger and some fries....YUMMMMMMM!!!  I don't know if it was as good as it tasted, or I was just starving, but it was GOOD!

After getting out of the Culver's, I spotted a Piggly Wiggly and just had to check it out.  It was OK.  Some things were a good price, others were too expensive and some were the same as any other store.  My conclusion.....shop around for sales.  It's what I always try to do.

Finally we got home for a well deserved rest and it felt wonderful to take off the shoes, shower and just throw ourselves into bed and veg out to some TV.  AHHHH. I love long weekends.  Still had two more days to enjoy. Tomorrow, just take care of the house and do some crocheting. :-)

Well folks...til the next.  Enjoy your moments and as I like to say, may your yarn ball never run out. :-)