Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wow!!!!  I haven't posted in forever.  Oh well.  Let's see.............since the last time I posted, I went through a strike at work that pretty much messed up my Fall season....

but,  other than that, I found out that I will be a grandma again, TWICE.  My son and his wife are having a baby GIRL :-)  and my daughter is also expecting, but we don't know what it will be yet...to early.  So I will be crocheting again soon.  I already started on a little something.

 Luna is growing up so fast...it's incredible how beautiful she has gotten. Time is just flying by.  I made her a little hat to keep her precious little head warm on these chilly fall days.

We have gone over to the Illinois state Beach Park.  It's really wonderful there.  It's so quiet and peaceful  I wish I could work there. 

Looking into that kind of work too.  I just recently discovered Workamping and am very facinated with the idea.  I had no idea that people lived this kind of lifestyle.  Living in their RV's and working while on the road.  Truly sounds like my kind of life. 

Well, I will just continue to crochet and enjoy my life as each day passes.  I will definitely try to post a bit more.  Just not too used to it. Come on Martha...get with the program. :-)

Talk to you soon. 

May your yarn ball never run out.
Peace & Love