Sunday, February 17, 2013

Soooo, what's new?

Hello everybody!! 
     I have been very blog lazy. Well, actually I have been busy crocheting for friends and family.  I am currently working on another little project for my new upcoming little princess.  She will be born any day now.  I am so excited!!! 

Let me share with you some of the things that I have made:

I found the pattern for this hat on


This is a hat my "son-in-law" requested with his soon to be son's name. Lol. I tell you what, those letters were not the easiest to make.  Well the nice straight "E" and "L" and "I" were not bad, but that "A" and "S" kicked my butt.  I know this is something that I need to practice, practice, practice. Lol. 
This will be my first grand-son.  I am so excited about my babies.  This is going to be en extraordinary summer!!
     I also worked on a mousey set for a friend.  I really think it came out cute.  I just used a basic beanie (these you can find all over the net) and than added ears to it and a little dip in front for character. Lol.  I do not have patterns, I crochet the same way I cook.  I don't rely too much on patterns as I don't rely too much on measurement.  Unfortunately it leaves for many, many mistakes and double takes. Lol.  But if you search on-line you can find many patterns for practically anything you want to try. 
Here is the pic:
I used two buttons that I crocheted a cover for.  I also used a textured stitch, mostly because I am not too crazy about the basic "double crochet" stitch.   I think it made it sturdier.

LOOK!! It has a tail. :-)
Than, I made another requested hat for a friend.  Again I used the basic sc (single crochet) stitch beanie pattern and then added some horns and ears and a patch. TaDa!!!!
...and I also made a little frog that her son wanted. I hadn't made those froggies since about two summers ago.  The pattern for these can be found below. I changed it a bit because I make the arms and legs double yarned. But for the most part they are very simple to make.
Thank you to   for sharing her pattern.
And lastly.......for today, I made these cute little ballerina shoezies for my little "Munequita".
These are made by using a basic shoe pattern, again there are many, many to be found on line, for those who don't know a pattern yet.  I then made a couple of leaves and two rose buds and added some pretty ribbon. I used this pattern for the roses and modified it a bit to make them smaller.
     Well, I hope you all are enjoying the time you have with your family.  I personally CAN NOT wait for spring to arrive. I have a serious case of cabin fever.  I want to go back out to the woods, the beach and kayaking so badly.  I am not a winter person. It is beautiful and clean and crisp and I appreciate it, but I just don't like feeling cold. :-(  Enough of my whining.  Enjoy, stay true to yourselves, and may your creative geniuses ALWAYS shine through.
Peace and Love