Saturday, December 19, 2015

Let's see how this year ends.

I am taking a little time today to update my blog.  I have been neglecting it, sadly. I have been pretty busy.  Thankfully I have had a few orders for a variety of my crochet goodies.  I have made a few baby blankets and a couple of booties, not to mention, I have also been working on some Holiday gifts as well. 

Don't you just love the Holiday Season!!!  I am very happy that we have had very mild weather. 

I have also been writing up a few crochet patterns.  This is really something I would like to try to dedicate my time to.  I want to create a few patterns for different things in different difficulty levels.  I have three so far.  You can check them out below. 


I would really like to try my hand or skill or however you word it, at maybe teaching the art of crochet. I really love it and would love to teach others.  It is a life saver for me.  Emotionally as well as financially.  Plus you feel so good when you accomplish making something.  I hope to make this happen.  I just have to figure out how to make it happen. 


I have a wonderful friend that purchased the colorful poncho from me, and her baby girl loved it so much that she asked me to make her a mini one.  It came out so cute, if I say so myself.  Of course, she has another little beauty and I felt sad that she was left out so I made an even smaller one.  They are so cute!!!!!!  I just really love how they look.  I thank her very much for asking me to make those for her and letting me share her picture.  Check out these absolute beauties. <3 <3 <3 


Another little project I worked on was the bearded hats. I think they are pretty cool. As a matter a fact, I was walking the other day with the hubby and the wind felt really nippy.  It dawned on me that had I been wearing one of these fancy and fashionable mustache/beard combination, it would probably help a lot with the cold wind freezing my face. 

 I love this little viking.:D 

I have also been working up these awesome chunky yarn pompom hats.  They work up really quickly and are sooooooooo warm. 

These two are on my Etsy page check them out here:

This is a premie set for a little baby boy.  GO BEARS!!!!!

I made this pink and grey set for my beautiful grand-baby Luna. <3 <3 

I will hopefully be visiting with her real soon. 

This is one of the blankets that I made -"Fishing theme". 

The other blanket  the I made. 

I made a couple of other hats too.  This green and grey one is for my son-in-law, whom I owed a hat to. Lol.  He would not let it go until I got him one. 

This one I have on my Etsy page. 

Well, this is all I can do for now.  I hope to make my next blog a little more interesting.  This was all me, me, me.  I want to share some stuff. UUUggggh. Next time. 

Stay safe and Happy Holidays to ALL!!!

.....may your yarn ball never run out. ;) 

Adieu for now!!!!!


always in your life


   in your heart.