Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tat-ta-da-da! My new Youtube channel has just started.


I have been a lost soul lately.  My deepest apologies.  I have been really concentrating on creating a YouTube channel as well as trying to set up a work area and a good recording place.  I have been watching videos on the best way to go about it also.  Well, I finally uploaded my first video.  A simple intro to my channel  It is called "MyCrochetPlace". 

      I hope to be able to help friends and family learn to crochet.  I would really like to start a crochet class, but this is my first step.  Little by little, I suppose, many things can be accomplished. 

     Please stop by and check it out.  Subscribe for future video updates.  I truly hope to help (some"one") learn this beautiful skill.  It is very rewarding in so many ways.  I want to be able to share it. 

Here are a few things I have been working on. 

 I have been having a blast making crochet dream-catchers. 

I have also written a few patterns and listed them in my Etsy shop.  

You can check them out here:

This is a very simple crochet cowl.

Bow and more bow.  These are great for adding them to different accessories like headbands, hair-clips, or cute broaches.  The pattern makes for different sizes.  

My crochet poncho. 

Another very simple Valentine's Day cowl and a really cute chunky pom-pom hat. The hat is also available in various sizes. 

I have started something new.  I have not put these on my Etsy yet....... CAKE TOPPERS! I think they are just adorable.  I need to work a little more on these. Soon though, soon. :D   

If you know anything about my crochet life, you know that I am a Bates hooker at heart.  But I recently tried for a review of some ergonomic hooks that are Boye and I have to say I really liked them.  I may be the cushiony foam that is at the base.  It is suppose to help put less stress on your wrist. I don't know, but I was able to use them without any problem.  I have never enjoyed Boye because they don't flow as well as Bates in my opinion. Buy I know there are many folks that swear by them.  

What did I make with them you ask? 


I still am a true Bates hooker though.  I love my Bates hooks. 

I also made a really cool banner with my shop name on it.  I like it "A LOT".  I absolutely love the colors and how it brightens up my work area. Yipee for me. :D  I think banners are just so cute in rooms.  Having your baby's name up on the wall with a beautiful colorful adorable.  But, that's just me. ;) 

Well, that is all por ahora (for now).  

     Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to be posting again soon. Don't forget to check out my video and subscribe for updates. Thanks. 

May your yarn ball never run out. ;) 

Adieu for now!!!!!


always in your life


   in your heart.