Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring is here!!!!!!!

     Hello everyone!!!!!  I hope everyone is doing well and this year has brought you many, many wonderful gifts.  I cannot complain.  Except for the cold (which is to be expected in the winter, in Chicago) this year has been treating me very well. I have been keeping myself very busy crocheting away.  I love, love, love my crochet. 

Let me start by updating my grandma status. :D 

New News!!!!

     Come this May we will again become grandma and grandpa for the fourth time.  So exciting.  My youngest son Sean got engaged and he and his beautiful fiancee are expecting a baby girl, Aela Jolie.

Here are Sean and Samantha.  New parents to be.

...and this is my precious baby girl Aela Jolie.  Grandma and grandpa can't wait to meet her. 

Luna News!!!!

Luna has some great news as well.  Come July she will become a big sister!!!!  And we will again become grandparents for the fifth time. Aaahhhh!!!!  To much!!!!!  I know.  I hope my heart can handle ALL this love. <3 <3  

Here's my princess being very excited and having a lot of fun. 

Here are Mommy and Daddy excited about their news.  As you can see, Valky (my big black grand-doggie) is also very excited!!! 

...and here I am as excited as a grandma could possibly be because my Beautiful Moon came to visit me from Tennessee.

Kacey News!!!!

Kacey has had a wonderful year as well.  She moved to a great home with a wonderful yard where she and her brother and sissy can have tons and tons of fun growing and stretching.  Thank you Daddy and Mommy. :D

 And also Kacey turned two years old!!!!!
See how excited she is?!!  I know.  She is adorable. 

Just look at this beauty.  Such a gorgeous face.  And sooooo much love to share.  

Elias News!!!!!

Elias is growing into such a handsome big boy.  He is my juicy fruit, chunky monkey.  Sounds like a new brand of Ben and Jerry's doesn't it.  (Hey, Ben or Jerry, you can reach me here.)  ;) 

My baby boy is getting so big and....... those curls though!!!! Yes they are heart melting. 

Look at that face!!!! Words just can't even begin to describe.....!!!!! <3 <3 <3 

His first true snow day!!  He loved it even though he couldn't really move. :D 


OK, now let me tell you all the stuff I have been working on.  I tell you what, that Pinterest is a very dangerous site.  I just can't stop pinning and overwhelming myself with things to do. Click on the link and check out my Pinterest page. Warning...... it can be hazardous to your wallet if you are a crafter. 

OK, so my new obsession are Dream Catchers.  I have made two so far, but this is only the beginning. 

Black and White Bohemian style Dreamcatcher.

I purchased a pattern online from Erin Black's Designs for the basic center, but you can easily make one with any crochet doily, one you make or one you purchase.  I have to tell you though it is soooo much fun looking for stuff to decorate them with. It's almost endless and addicting. 

This is the first one I made.  It was purchased by my niece.  Thank you Ali!!!! Made in Chicago and put up for display in New York.  Woooohoooo. :P

And then of course, since I was in the dream catcher mode, I found a pattern for a dream catcher granny square.  Found that here

I made it in three colors and decorated it with pretty flowers and added a nice little button.  If you are interested in one just let me know. :D 

It came out really pretty.  I used Caron Simply Soft.  It washes very nicely and dries to be really soft and cozy.  I think it's perfect for a chilly summer evening or as a nice bed top cover. But, that's just me.

My other new obsession are these awesome ponchos that I discovered on Bo-M. I totally fell in love with them and had to make one.  I couldn't find a pattern anywhere, so I made it myself by looking at the picture.  Pretty good, Huh?

One of the first ponchos that I made was this colorful one.  I found it in a magazine, I purchased it for $.99 and that was the start of my poncho obsession. :P 

So this is the first one I made from the Bo-M ones. 

I sold it on Etsy pretty quickly.  They were pretty popular.  I had a request for a black one. 

Here it is. 

Than I decided to make a blue one.
This is how far I've gotten on the ponchos, but I will make more. That is a definite. :D 

Another crochet project that I am very proud of is .........
My Bella Ballerina. 
 I know she doesn't have traditional ballerina hair, but I couldn't resist those curls.  I think she is sooo pretty.

She has a removable tutu. EeeeEEEEee!!! Cuteness. 

I love her. <3 <3 

I also made these awesome little hats for photo props.  

OOooo....the one other thing I am excited about........ yes I know I get excited over everything. Hey, it's the little things in life you know. ;) 

Well, I got a stamp with my shop name on it. I got it here.  Feeling a little professional I think. Like I said before, It's the little things in life. Teeeeheeee. 

Isn't it PURTY!!!!

Alrighty then.  This is all I am going to write for today.  I have to get back to my crochet.  Talk to you soon.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what I sell or what I make.  Thanks for stopping by and...

.....may your yarn ball never run out. ;) 



always in your life


   in your heart.