Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break!!

Spring break has come and gone.  So sad, so sad. 
This is the board I created at work for our water day event.  I love creating boards. <3 

Well, since my last blog something wonderful has happened. The birth of my second grand-daughter Kacey Elena!!! She is beautiful and amazing and has made us all very happy indeed. :-)

She is a sweet addition to our wonderful family!!  Welcome precious baby!!!! <3
Here is my sweet Kacey in the hat and blanket that Grand-ma made her.  Absolutely perfect for her!!!

Her she is with Grand-pa and grand-ma at a couple of days old.

Here she is at 1 month old. Time sure does fly. My precious baby.

How's my very first Grand-daughter doing you ask??  Well, my beautiful, gorgeous Luna Bella is getting prettier and prettier everyday. 

Look at those gorgeous eyes!!!! I love that chickie doll face!!!


Well, as far as crocheting, I have been making a few hats for friends. 
Blackhawks beanie. 

I like to go thrifting for old hats and cut out the  patches and then use them for the hats.  The hat is just your basic beanie pattern crocheted with double yarn.

This a a Chicago Bulls hat with horns, and a turtle that a friend requested.  Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Here is my cutie pie Kachi sporting the little fedora mommy made him.  I was just goofing around and trying out this pattern.
You can find the pattern here:  

This is a cute stocking cap that I made for my Grand-son that is due in a couple of months!! It will go with his cute little blanket as well. 
I can't wait to see him!! 


Speaking of my grand-son. Here are some cute things I got for him. Some were donations from a friend.  They are so cute!! I can't wait to see him in them. :-)

...and here he is!!!!!!!!

Baby Elias!!!!

The hubby and I were able to get some fun time to ourselves. We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We also took nice chilly stroll on the lake front. Brrrrrrrr!!!  It was pretty cold out there. The wind was brutal and COLD!!! The waves were a bit scary. 

The beaver was enjoying his midday swim.  Such a great swimmer. 
The bear was hibernating. ;-)

The lion was complaining because people were blocking his view. Lol. 

Look at this pretty kitty.  
 I just adore those humongous paws!!!! 
The apes were having their daily check-up.  I personally could spend ALL day in the ape habitat.  They are so amazing to observe.
On this particular day there was a scuffle in one of the exhibits.  One of the gorillas was having a bad day and was being aggressive with another gorilla ( a younger one) and the rest of the group came to his defense.  It was very exhilarating.

COWS!!! I love the cows.  Hope to someday have a farm with some cows, and chickens and goats and horses.  Is that too much to ask for? ;-)

I got my tractor already...j/k.

There's the hubby.

Baby it's cold outside!!
All bundled up. 

Chicago winter. 

A nice visit to Illinois State Beach was also on our agenda.  Again, it was colder than we anticipated, but not too bad. Had a great time. But, I really am looking forward to a warmer spring and than summer.
First, a big THANK YOU to my awesome little "Jelly Bean" for taking us there and bringing us back home safely. <3

Hey there, ho there, here we are again.

I can't wait to see the greenery start showing up.  I was expecting a nice sunny day, but as you can see, it is cloudy and grey looking. 

Brand new bridge!!

Taking a nice stroll after the workout we had walking on the sand. Woohoo, that felt good!!  I guess I don't have to do the treadmill today. 

Yes, I am a tree hugger.  I was really trying to ground myself a bit. 

The camp grounds are still closed.  We went walking on the grounds and passed by the camp host's trailer.  I was hoping they were out so that I could talk to them and get some info on camp hosting. Sooner or later I will. ;-)

Little tree flourishing in the cold.

Camp ground rules. 


Ok, well, this is all for now.  If I remember anything else, I'll post again. 

 I wish everyone a wonderful Easter.  

Peace and Love!!!