Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where did this week go!!!!

Last two days of my vacation!!!  WHERE DID THE TIME GO!!!!   I swear if it were a work week, it would just be Tuesday. :-/ 

Briana, Tony and Luna
Well, other than sleep til about 9:00 every morning, I haven't done too much. I did enjoy the weekend at Illinois State Beach, again. My husband and I went out with my daughter, son-in-law and Luna.  Also joining us was Kha, my son's girlfriend.  It was a really nice day on Sunday. The weather was fantastic for walking. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I find it to be very tranquil, and quiet, and away from traffic.  I really love getting away from the sound of traffic. 
My  hubby and Kha

Rocks, rocks, rocks!!!!
The waves were amazing, and if I could, I would have an immense collection of stones.  I found so many beautiful rocks on the beach...wanted to take them all, but of course had to convince my hubby to carry them, since I didn't have a bag, or pockets.  The first rock I found was a really nice one that had what looked like a little face.  I lost it then and wished I would've taken it. Boooo. :-(  I got some really nice one though.  I am a sucker for a smooth, interesting looking rock. Especially if it has crystals. ;)

Today, was a great day for walking too.  At least this morning.  The hubby and I took a walk to the neighborhood Aldi's.  I was really craving those yummy gourmet chocolate chip cookies they have.  They are scrumptious when you warm them in the microwave. Well, they didn't have any. :'(  Have to take a walk over to the other neighborhood Aldi's.  Anyhoooo, it was still a nice walk. 

I love trees!!
I am very fortunate to have a wonderful park across the street.  It is my saving grace.  I wanted to take some pics of a bunch of Canadian geese that have made a stop in the lagoon, but they decided to take flight just as I was approaching them.  Fine, I still got to photograph a set of black ducks that were there. So cute. I love ducks. <3 

Right in the middle there, you will find three turtles.  There is a little one, and a medium size one on top of a large one.  They were so cute .  I was just wondering how the one on top of the big one was going to get down, because he could move his legs, but wouldn't be going anywhere.
Here are some pics of my view on the way to store.  If it weren't for the noise of the darn traffic it would be quite enjoyable.

You can is still find some color from flowers around.

The lagoon.
There are the two black ducks. 

There's the Aldi's.

Bueno, I still have tomorrow and the weekend to enjoy.  Plus, I also have my crocheting to keep me occupada. 

Till we blog again.....stay safe and may your yarn ball never run out. 
Peace & Love

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wow!!!!  I haven't posted in forever.  Oh well.  Let's see.............since the last time I posted, I went through a strike at work that pretty much messed up my Fall season....

but,  other than that, I found out that I will be a grandma again, TWICE.  My son and his wife are having a baby GIRL :-)  and my daughter is also expecting, but we don't know what it will be early.  So I will be crocheting again soon.  I already started on a little something.

 Luna is growing up so's incredible how beautiful she has gotten. Time is just flying by.  I made her a little hat to keep her precious little head warm on these chilly fall days.

We have gone over to the Illinois state Beach Park.  It's really wonderful there.  It's so quiet and peaceful  I wish I could work there. 

Looking into that kind of work too.  I just recently discovered Workamping and am very facinated with the idea.  I had no idea that people lived this kind of lifestyle.  Living in their RV's and working while on the road.  Truly sounds like my kind of life. 

Well, I will just continue to crochet and enjoy my life as each day passes.  I will definitely try to post a bit more.  Just not too used to it. Come on Martha...get with the program. :-)

Talk to you soon. 

May your yarn ball never run out.
Peace & Love