Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 was a fantastically, spectacumagicalistic day!!!!!!!!
I really wasn't looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because thanks to that *$%^*# Teacher Strike that we had this year, my budget has been so completely messed up.  But, I have to thank my wonderful kids for making this year happen.  They took me shopping on Monday, and got me all prepped up for a few days of kitchen slavery. Lol.  It was great though, no complaints.  Well, there is one.  My son Kevin wanted to get the biggest pernil (Pork Leg) that he could find, but little ol' me could hardly lift that monstrosity.  I ended up dropping it on the floor while I was trying to transport it to the kitchen table to get it ready to put in the oven at 4 a.m., thankfully I had it all wrapped in plastic, than I had to move it into the oven.  That when my other son Sean came to Momma's rescue and did all the lifting for me.  My hubby was snoring away, so he didn't even notice.
I started preparing for our meal, on Monday by making my "Pasteles".  
This is the machine that gets it all pureed. 
My hubby is the machine that gets it all peeled first.
He also got the meat all cut up for me to prepare for the inside of the pasteles.
This is the "Masa" or the outer part of the pasteles, which I would describe as a Puerto Rican tamale.  I use bananas, pumpkin, plantain, potatoes and yautia, which is a type of root.
I spread out the masa and spoon in some of the filling.
Then, I wrap it in some aluminum foil.  Traditionally it is wrapped in banana leaves, or some people use cooking paper.
This is what my set-up looks like.
It was great, I expected to make about 25 or 30 and I ended up with 40. YUM!!! More to enjoy!!
One of the highlights of this thanksgiving was going with my daughter and son-in-law to find out the sex of their baby.  IT'S A BOY!!!  I'm going to have a grand-son.  This new year I will be the grand-ma to two beautiful girls and one handsome boy. TO EXCITING!!!
I woke up nice and early to make sure my turkey and pernil were cooking and hopefully be ready about 3ish.  It was all perfect.  After coming back from the ultra sound place (First Peek)  I started on the dessert...banana pudding!!  It came out delicious, if I say so myself. :-)  ( I give myself a little pat on the back).

My table is getting longer every year.  <3  I love it!
That's my boy.  Kevin  <3 LOVES <3 my banana pudding.
Even the family pets were all together, and they had a ball.  Granted, my apartment is NOT big enough for all these guys and gals, but they managed to play around like crazy.  Incredibly enough, we manage to move around that sea of fur and drool.
Ooops, a little spill.  I got that. :-)
After all the feasting, it was time to just sit, relax and let the food settle, and make some room for more dessert, of course.
Yes sir...this Thanksgiving was definitely a very wonderful and memorable one.  I am very thankful to my children, you know who you are ;-), for coming through for the family and for me.  I have never not cooked for Thanksgiving in all my years of being a wife a mom.  I know someday I will be a guest instead of a host, but till then, bring it.
I hope everyone had a special day with their loved ones, whether family or friends, or both.  Remember to take a second out of every day to be thankful for something or someone in your life.  Count your blessing and may your yarn ball never run out.