Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our week's adventure

It's been a beautiful week and I have tried my best to take advantage of the weather before I have to go back to work next week.  Went to the lake with the hubby and enjoyed a wonderful walk by the lake and through the bird sanctuary. Then we went over to Montrose Harbor, which is my favorite spot to sit and dunk my feet into the water.  I also enjoy watching the boats go by.  One day I will be passing through there in my kayak. For now I love just kayaking in lakes and lagoons.  It's just cooler because there is more shade and lots of nature; surrounded by trees and birds is better than open sun and lots of big speeding boats.

Felt so nice and cool.  I wanted to jump right in.

As we were walking by the boat dock, I spotted a light blue and white parakeet.  Tony tried to grab it, but I really felt bad and decided that we should leave it, since it seemed so happy flying free.  I thought about taking it home and putting it in a cage, and it made me sad.  So we walked away, even though I wanted it so that it can keep my other parakeet company since it is alone, now that I just lost one of them. :-(  Still, I felt it needed to be free. It was a very nice area, with many other birds, plenty of plants and food, and lots of trees for shelter.  Plus, it's summer and warm out, so it should be OK, at least until winter.  I know, I'm silly in that way. :-/
This mother duck warned me when I first got there and then slowly swam right by me with all of her little ducklings.  They were adorable. <3

To end the day, we went to George's in Bucktown and had a nice dinner. Nothing like a juicy greek grilled chicken sandwich, and an italian beef for the hubby. GOOD FOOD.

George's in Bucktown
On Tuesday we went for a great bike ride on the North Branch Bike Trial.  It was wonderful biking weather, especially out there, when you are riding in the cool shadows of the spectacular trees. We rode all the way from Devon to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  Very exhilarating.  Had the opportunity to see deer and many birds and we even saw a skunk. :-)  It was great.  We stopped off at Mcdonalds on the way home and had a little meal.  I had chicken nuggets which I haven't had in ages.  They were really good.  Not too filling, just enough to fill me up.

Skokie Lagoons

The hubby getting us some water for the continuation of the ride. Have to keep hydrated! Somehow in the process I managed to get splashed as well.  :-/

The sun was going down and it was just beautiful.

Always stop and smell the flowers....