Sunday, April 29, 2012

New mission.

Just saw an adorable little sweater on someones blog and just have to make it for Luna.  It is really cute.  I'm suppose to be finishing up on Catching Fire.  I'm on the last chapter, but when I read at bedtime, I'm so tired that I can't get through the first two pages, yeah, so I'm doing two pages per night. Pitiful. Smh.

It's been a pretty slow day...just the way I like it ,especially the weekend. :-)  I've been working on my blog design, which is really hard to get just right.  Reading on all the nifty gadgets as well.  Soon it will be looking better and more alive.  I'll get the hang of this sooner than later. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.  I take criticism well.

OK, off to make dinner, Rice and chicken tonight.  I'll be back to this in a bit. Have a great night.  The kids want cake as well, so this may take a little longer. They want a peanut butter and chocolate chip cake. ( their 20's, but they're still my kids)

Talk to you later.