Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And we have reached the end of 2013.


What an amazing year it has been.


This year brought two more beautiful additions to my wonderful family. 

In February came the birth of my second grand-daughter, Kacey Elena. 

And in May came my first grandson Elias Nathaniel Dante.

That same month we celebrated the 1st birthday of my first grand-daughter Luna Bella.

That's right with one comes the attitude. ;)

Along with the changes to my home life, I had a big change in my work.  My wonderful friend and mentor, Vilma Bell, decided to retire and leave me to fend for myself in this sometimes cruel and rough world of employment. Thankfully I still had those awesome kids to keep me together. 

Thankfully the changes to my job were good ones all around.  Other than my sweet and inspiring administrator leaving for a better and probably more tranquil environment ;) I dd gain a new friend and co-worker.  Thank you Tricia for helping me transition gently; and to all my wonderful co-workers that never hesitated to share a smile and a nice word or two. :D

In addition, I had a fantastic high school reunion, and was able to see many of the beautiful ladies that I went to high school with.  When I say beautiful I mean it; inside and out.  I was lucky to have attended a school with these kind women. 


And of course, I must add that mother nature was there everyday to inspire and calm my spirit, with it's colors and sounds and atmospheric energy.  

Along with my honey, Antonio Cordero, who was there with me every step of the way as well.

So farewell, 2013, thank you for the good times and for the challenges. The fabulous days spent with family and friends. The memories that were added to mental vault, which hopefully will not lock me out too soon. :D



Hasta next year!!!