Saturday, March 31, 2012


Gave my little Kachi a bath today.  I seriously have to bathe him every week at least.  He gets so dirty because he just loves the park; but because he is so short, he soaks up everything on the ground.  He really, really loves the tall grass. Lucky me.  Adorable though.

I'm glad I decided to keep him. :-)
Well, tried playing the lottery yesterday and got 2 out of 6.  Hey it was nice to see something matching, one more and I would have had $7.  Maybe next time.  I do like the online though.  I never play because I don't like playing at the stores.  Hopefully I can control myself and not go beyond my budget.  I'm pretty sure I can.  I'm very frugal with my money. :-) Notice I said frugal not cheap.